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Thank you for your time today. Here is a sample page of our existing and previous work created with our clients. Whilst Black Box Media is a relatively young company, collectively we have over 40 years of experience in the Marketing and Sales industry. Our talents range from content production, digital marketing and advertising, script writing, online education, web design and development. We also organise and run live events both in person and online. One of the big advantages of our company is the inclusion of a professional sales and customer service team which works hand in hand with our marketing department.

Please check out some of our work below.


What do we do?

Creative Advertising & Copywriting

Experience has taught us to deliver our copywriting from a target audience’s perspective and utilise unique marketing collateral that resonates with a wide demographic.

Videography & Photography

Through state of the art film techniques and equipment we are able to deliver cinema ready video and photo productions that best portray our client’s values and aspirations in a way that turly captures the artist’s story.

Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a key aspect of Black Box Media’s skillset. Through the use of advanced targeting techniques we are able to extract the maximum amount of qualified leads at the lowest possible industry costs. 

Analytics and Data Breakdown

We ensure there is a close working relationship with our clients from the get-go. One way of honoring our mantra of honesty and transparency is via regular data updates and advertising statistics. These statistics are imperative to the growth and improvement of our client’s success.

work examples

Take a look at the quality of our work below

Our brand focuses on delivering the highest quality of work for our clients and their ideal target audiences in order to generate the most amount of interest and engagement.

Outlined below are some brief examples of prior work related to our current clients. 

Facebook Video Advertising

We collaborate with our clients on script writing, video production and direction to create high converting Social Media Paid Advertisements.

Website Design & Development

Not only do we design and create complete advertising campaigns for clients, we also manage and develop the accompanying Websites and Landing Pages.

Creative Video Production

Along with our standard video editing for Social Media Advertisements, Black Box Media has previously been involved in Media Productions at varying scales.

Paid Advertising Statistics

Paid Advertising and Lead Generation are key methods used for building exposure and engagement around our clients.

What Do Our Client’s Say?

Hear from our clients and their experiences working with Black Box Media

I have worked extensively with the team at Black Box Media. BBM handle all of my sales, marketing, media production and more. Highly recommend the BBM Team!

– Amanda M (CEO Rising Star Developer)

“Their Copywriting is on point and they target the right audience”

– Brendan G (Founder Momentum Options)

Transitioning into ACHIEVR Education

Our above marketing you have just viewed is what works best for an online wealth creation strategy, basic, straight forward, and to the point, we started with a $50 spend per day & results have seen us scale up to a $1000 spend per day, on average we bring in around 230 new leads to our database per week.

We are currently in the process of creating a new brand for our new concept which we will be calling,

Under our new Achievr brand we will be moving into more of the level of script writing, filming, and marketing as captured in the below links.

Click Below to View Masterclass Examples

At all times, our focus will be on preserving client’s levels of respect within the industry, their professionalism, brand, and ethics.

Whilst we’d all like to make some money our main focus is success for everyone, we’d like to grow this concept & have it as a platform where experts from all different professions can pass on their knowledge & wisdom to others. With that in mind we’ve ran a few figures below based on a similar concept.

Masterclass have existed for 8 years, they claim to have over 1,000,000 students. Taking this into consideration we’ve broken down the figures based off 1,000,000 students & their current 90 education courses:

1,000,000 students @ $395.28 AU  (billed annually) = $395,280,000 

$395,280,000  / 8 (years of existence) = $49,410,000 (average turnover per year) 

$49,410,000 / 90 (Educators) = $549,000 Annually

These numbers are based on a global level, although we’re only collaborating with Australian experts we will be advertising on a global scale increasing exposure for all clients involved.

Enjoy Your Day!

We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to view our past work and how we can work together to achieve great new things! Please feel free to get in touch so we can discuss the future of our business endeavours and what’s to come!