The Prized Espresso Martini.

Which is the best and where can you find them?

After struggling to find reviews on where the greatest espresso martini’s were hidden I felt the need to create this list.

Here’s what you can expect…


All time top three in order. Those after are rated out of ten for three separate categories providing a complete score out of thirty to help you determine your preference.


Detailed ratings and descriptions of taste (TR), presentation (PR) and customer service (SR).


Price, customer service at establishment and atmosphere


Most importantly, where you can find the espresso.

1. Lello’s Pasta Bar

Location: Brunswick Heads, NSW, Australia

Review: Excellent flavour, heavy coffee with enough alcohol to ensure the taste is there without being too overpowering. Filled to brim, nice glass, fantastic service. Notable Recommendations:

Food: Truffle Papparedelle, Squid Ink Tagliolini Crab

Wine: Antinori Peppoli Chianti

(Ask for Jimmy – Tell him I sent you)

2. Carl’s Wine Bar

Location: Teneriffe, QLD, Australia

Review: Coupled with a nice evening, Carl’s delivers a phenomal experience of delicate food and wine. Their Espresso’s are no different – freshly ground coffee, premium alcohol and incredible service. This hole in the wall is a must-do for Brisbane.

3. Carpenter’s Coffee

Location: Casuarina, NSW, Australia

Review: Architect by day, Espresso and Cocktail extraordinaire by night. Scott’s simple yet effective recipe for a brilliant brew turned alcoholic beverage is nothing short of spectacular. Highly recommended – Notable mention for Mango Daiquiri’s.

Pot & Pint

Location: Kingscliff, NSW, Australia

Complete Rating: 19.5/30

TR: 8.5/10, PR: 5/10, SR: 6/10

Review: Great flavour, crisp taste with well balanced coffee/alcohol saved by the happy hour pricing at $13. Unfortunate low tide though. Honourable mention for outstanding Ameretto Sours.

Bang Bang

Location: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Complete Rating: 20/30

TR: 6/10, PR: 7/10, SR: 7/10

Review: Average coffee taste and alcohol ratio, probably more alcohol than necessary. However, still fits the bill for an adequate espresso fix. Do not miss the Moreton Bay Bug Buns at Bang Bang they are incredible.

Cru Cellar

Location: Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia

Complete Rating: 22.5/30

TR: 7.5/10, PR: 8/10, SR: 7/10

Review: Standard Espresso Martini, nothing too flash in terms of flavour. Glass and presentation to be as expected for a beverage in the sought after pocket of James Street Brisbane – very commendable.

Xenia Casuarina

Location: Casuarina, NSW, Australia

Complete Rating: 15/30

TR: 5/10, PR: 6/10, SR: 4/10

Review: Cheap, average taste, severely subpar service – 40minutes+ to get served. Food is average too, an underwhelming replacement of the restaurant that used to occupy the space prior to Xenia – Black Oak.

Blackbird Bar

Location: Brisbane City, QLD, Australia

Complete Rating: 17/30

TR: 6/10, PR: 6/10, SR: 5/10

Review: Standard Espresso quality for a night out in Brisbane, nothing special. Would steer towards saying it would be too expensive for the quality.

Next Episode Bar

Location: South Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Complete Rating: 22/30

TR: 6/10, PR: 8/10, SR: 8/10

Review: Unreal vibe, hidden bar behind hair salon in back street of fish lane. Was great when not many knew of it, now it’s lost its value. Espresso wasn’t too bad, bartenders are fantastic though and do a great job of presentation.

Burleigh Pavillion

Location: Burleigh, QLD, Australia

Complete Rating: 16/30

TR: 6/10, PR: 6/10, SR: 4/10

Review: Price is pretty normal for the Gold Coast beachfront pavillion restaurant/bar – around the $20 mark. Good amount of alcohol – terrible coffee mix, likely just a coffee premix used. Would be great with actual coffee. View is spectacular.

Dirty Sultan

Location: Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia

Complete Rating: 18/30

TR: 5/10, PR: 6/10, SR: 7/10

Review: Great booth seating, an ideal location. ifyou’re having a night out and want to start late afternoon – grab a booth and keep going into the night. Espresso’s have decent flavour, few beans on froth and nice glasses. Bottle service and booth priority provides great customer service.

Additional reviews and updates to be added soon.