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Creating wealth from property begins with knowing how, Momentum Subdivisions educate you with smart and lucrative subdivision strategies.

Armed with all the education you need Momentum will shift your focus to serve the needs of homeowners to perfect the art of Negotiation. It’s here that you learn to significantly increase your chances of successfully completing off-market property deals.

In some cases you don’t need huge deposits, credit checks, banks or mortgages, Joint Ventures are a great way to get started with subdivisions!

STUDENT Thoughts

The Momentum Subdivisions coaching style sees you start small, gradually stepping you up to larger deals over time helping you gain both experience and the confidence you’ll need to succeed.


A small project that was originally built as a buy & hold strategy that was later sold for a profit of $150,000.


1 into 3 land subdivision, owner keeping the existing property, profit split 50/50 at completion of the deal with home owner.


Current deal – Purchase of an existing property, small renovation and subdivision, new build of a 4x2x2 property. 




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As a (Course Name) Member, you’ll get access to the full library of videos, courses, strategies and tools that is currently helping many Australian’s accelerate their businesses through social media.

The (Course Name) Masterclass Library

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🗣 Finding Your Voice

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📓 The Branding Template Kit

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🎬 Software and Platform Masterclasses

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to Subdivisions is going too big too fast, smaller projects are lucrative, you can be in & out in a short amount of time and complete multiple subdivisions at one time. Learn how to profit from small deals & scale up gradually.

The right consultants, engineers, town planners, surveyors, architects, how to assemble the right team to help make this strategy work.

Target future capital growth areas before demand intensifies, what are state & local governments telling us from a simple UBD, what are your government’s intentions long term and how can you pull apart this UBD and use it to further your purpose.

Learn how to use Interactive Mapping, find owners, source deals, and search comparables. Conduct In-Depth Step by Step Feasibilities to achieve a Profit On Cost, everything is in the numbers.

Everything you need to complete your first successful subdivision in the comfort of your own home.

The Members Only Facebook Group

✔️ Included in your membership

The (Course Name) coaching style delivers you with a complete A to Z strategy for building a successful business that’s powered by social media marketing. 

Whether you’re starting fresh or already have your platforms setup and are looking for that edge over the competition the (Course Name) will help you step up to the next level with the appropriate guidance and knowledge required to be successful.


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The Momentum Subdivisions coaching style sees you start small, gradually stepping you up to larger deals over time helping you gain both experience and the confidence you’ll need to succeed.


Take advantage of the education and soak up the knowledge. Leverage the private, members only Facebook Group to answer your questions and utilise the tools provided to understand the strategy.


Begin your Social Media journey by getting out there and actively completing the steps outlined in the strategy. Set clear and achieveable goals to make sure you stay accountable and willing to achieve the level of success you deserve.


Watch your business skyrocket and see your lifestyle begin to change. Enjoy more time with your family and loved ones and start appreciating having your time back.

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