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Episode 2: Feeling Blue to Living New
Episode 3: Feeling Blue to Living New
Episode 4: Feeling Blue to Living New
Episode 5: Feeling Blue to Living New
Episode 6: Feeling Blue to Living New
Episode 7: Feeling Blue to Living New
Episode 8: Feeling Blue to Living New
Episode 9: Feeling Blue to Living New
Episode 10: Feeling Blue to Living New

Take a chance. Invest in yourself and make a change in your life today!

It’s time you took the next step towards financial freedom, take back your life. Let’s get you started.

6 Video Lessons (1hr Content)

Did you know Amanda McEwin’s Live Event is on the

21st of February and there are still spaces left to join!

One decision saw Amanda bank

$447,000 from her first deal.

If you’re looking to:

✅ Pay out the mortgage

✅ Create a lifestyle income

✅ Create debt free holdings

✅ Achieve financial stability

✅ Build your superannuation

✅ Create an on going 6 figure income

You need to join the ‘Money Accelerator

Virtual Live Event! 

Meet Our Experts

Along with Amanda McEwin, ‘The Money Accelerator

Virtual Live Event will feature two of Amanda’s A Team Experts.

Andrew Rossi

Learn What to Look for a Money Partner and How to Find Them and participate in a Q&A Session after.

Tom Waltham

Learn the Fundamentals of Development Funding and How To Get Banks to Say Yes! Plus be involved in a live Q&A Session at the end.

In One Exciting Day, You’ll Learn Exactly How-To…

✔️  Get a Property Development Blueprint that works

➖  Master the Key Strategies and Tactics for Success!

➖  Risk and How to Minimise it.

✔️  The Key Numbers Behind Deals

✔️  Learn How to Fund Projects

✔️  Smaller Get-In, Get-Out Projects

✔️  Complete A-Z Property Development Strategy

✔️  How to Yield Lucrative Profits from Smaller Developments

So That You Can…

✔️  Spend More Time With Your Family

✔️  Take Back Your Time

✔️  Enjoy A Financially Free Future

✔️  Stop Working The 9 – 5

✔️  Live Your Best Life, On Your Terms

✔️  Be Your Own Boss

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“Awesome info Amanda. Looking forward to learning more and taking action.”

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