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In-person seminars, virtual live events

– we handle it all.

Generate sales and build your following with our proven live event model 

Live Events are a fantastic tool to add to your business’s revenue stream. Events like these are easily scaleable, highly profitable and have the potential to not only increase sales but increase brand exposure.

Run your virtual events with ease using our experienced team

Virtual Events are a fantastic alternative to live platform seminars!

Virtual Live Events are just as successful as in person events! The Black Box Media team have the technical skills to organise and run your complete virtual event from start to finish. We do it all!

Our unique lead generation strategy ensures you get the required audience 

That’s right, whether its a live audience you require or you’re running an online virtual event, we generate the leads and find your ideal audience.

Not only will we get you the audience numbers, our team can help coordinate your event, supply on the day crew and manage post event sales.

Maximise your results,  let us handle the sales 

Our professional sales team can attend your live event or be online for your virtual event to help maximise your on the day results. There’s no need to worry about post event sales, our team is available to close leads well after your event is finished. Leave it all to us and we will ensure you achieve the best results possible.

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