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Chasing a full service Marketing and Sales team?

We have the expertise to fill those needs.

Paid Advertising

Conversions focused paid advertising is our specialty and it’s something we do very well. With results that reflect highly profitable campaigns it’s a no brainer businesses consider us as their preferred advertising agency.

Through the use of 30 years collective experience in sales and marketing, you can rest assured that the correct message will be delivered into the lap of your best suited audience. Every, single, time. 

We are committed to structuring and managing high performing advertisements across Facebook, Instagram and a myriad of other different platforms to deliver an optimal ROI (Return on Investment). Our results reflect an average ROAS (Return on AD Spend) of 5x across all our clients, that means for every $1 spent on Advertising the client receives 5$ on average in return. 

Our client’s love using our proven and automated system to produce leads and make sales, wouldn’t you?


Virtual Live Events

Live Events are an ever-important aspect of business for live speakers and coaching minds a like. 

I’m sure we can all agree that there is nothing quite as exciting as walking into a room full of like-minded individuals and sharing your passion amongst years of experience and learnings. 

Right now, Live Events might not be possible where you are in the world. That’s okay though, we are experts in structuring, organising and running Live Events by virtual means. Contact us today to see how we can run your next Virtual Live Event.


Sales Team

Coupled with our experienced Marketing Team is the addition of a well-rounded and high-converting Sales Team.

With over 40 years of collective experience, our Sales Team not only knows exactly what to say to convert your leads but also has the care and understanding to incorporate your business’ values into the sales approach.

Let us generate your leads, call the prospects and make the sale. It’s what we do best!


Copywriting & Scripting

Ever wondered exactly how those Facebook Ads are crafted with the most creative wording you’ve ever laid your eyes on? That’s our expertise, let us show you how it’s done.

Black Box Media Company is a full service agency that specialises in expert, low-cost lead generation but to do that we need the best copywriters and scriptwriters to make sure prospects are definitely going to click on our ads first!

Luckily, that’s exactly what we have. Carefully crafted Copywriting is exactly what we do, in fact we do it so well that we are known to have people coming back for more. Time and time again, try us, you’ll see!


An all-in-one solution for
Digital Marketing Lead Generation Copywriting Paid Advertising Social Media Sales Services Virtual Event Hosting Website Development Media Production Graphic Design

When we say an ‘All in One Solution’ we mean it. 

Black Box Media is the marketing company you need to handle all of your marketing and sales tasks. We cover everything from start to finish and can bundle it all into one succinct and affordable package. 

Everything handled for you, just the way you like it. Have everything from your organic social media to your paid advertising content creation and media production to your virtual live events and post event selling all handled by one efficient team.

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  • NExperienced sales team
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“I have worked extensively with the team at Black Box Media. BBM handle all of my sales, marketing, media production and more. Highly recommend the BBM Team!”

Amanda McEwin

CEO of Rising Star Developer

‘Their Copywriting is on point and they do a great job at targeting the right audience! Black Box Media are always my first recommendation to other people.”

Brendan Geoghegan

CEO of Momentum Property Options




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